The Gearbox Warehouse

Experienced gearbox specialists are rebuilding truck and bus manual transmissions in our workshop. We are specialized in most of Japanese bus and truck gearbox models.

We do:
repair / recondition truck gearboxes and bus gear boxes.
buy secondhand / out-of-order gearboxes
sell gearbox parts bits and rebuilt boxes.
import gearboxes and parts from Japan
export rebuilt gearboxes overseas.

All our rebuilt gearboxes are completely in-house overhauled. Each part is inspected by a over-25-year experienced specialist while overhauling. Gearboxes are checked with the specialist’s own eyes carefully.

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Need repair your gearbox?
Does your truck / bus have …

  • Noisy gearbox?
  • Jumps out?
  • Oil leaking?
  • Notchy?
  • or something else …

We recommend you to do something before it’s too late.
Our contact page is here.